To Market

Today, after a couple of failed attempts and a bounty of good intentions, we made it to our first farmers market visit.  Today it was the Lakeside market, because that's the one nearest our house, and I think Lakeside is pretty cute.  We had to drive today, but my goal is to get my bike fixed up as soon as is feasible, and then we can bike there instead.  

Today's mission was to find some local honey and something for Brian's dad.  And we were met with some moderate success, not to mention a few extras.  We escaped about $13 lighter.

There's some major jalapeno potential for the husband, assuming my Black Thumb of Death hasn't rubbed off on him.  I've read that they're pretty easy to grow, and the farmer said that we just needed to make sure it stayed watered...  we'll see how this goes.  You'll also note some broccoli hiding behind the pepper plant because we eat lots of broccoli (and I like to hide from peppers as well).  

And, the piece de resistance, some BEAUTIFUL straw-berries.  I think I ate five on the way home.  I bet you'd eat five, too, if you had them in YOUR lap.  Seriously, these things are SO GOOD.  They're a little more expensive than the sales at the supermarkets, but they are a LOT better in the taste department.

Eli didn't make this trip.  He DID make the photo shoot, however.  This is him whining to go play with a dog that was walking by.

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  1. You are such an awesome and talented photographer. You have quite a gift! I thought for sure that those were professional shots you found on Google images until I read your post. Amazing!


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