Books I Want to Read

This is meant to be a running list of the books I want to read. It's compiled from a number of sources, including my half.com wishlist, lots of emails entitled 'book to get' and a number of scrap pieces of paper with titles scrawled across them. A lot of these titles have been on the 'to read' list for years, and to be honest, the list hasn't been updated much in the past while. You won't see many new titles, sadly. But, it's open to change!

I think I'm going to keep it relatively 'short' so that I don't feel overwhelmed and guilt-ridden every time I look at it. How's that, revolving door reading. We'll call it the 'priority list.' Excellent.

If you're interested in lending one to me, let me know! If you have one I should totally add, let me know! If there's one on here that you think is dastardly and should never be opened, let me know!

If you know how to request that the Richmond Public Library system obtain a copy of a book, let me know!

- Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas
- The American Porch, by Michael Dolan
- Cubicle Warfare, by John Austin (think Jim's pranks, but in a book)
- Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman, by Anne Ortlund
- Love and Respect, by Emerson Eggerichs
- Little Heathens, by Mildrid Kalesh
- Here if You need Me, by Kate Braestrup
- Dances in Deep Shadows, by Michael Occleshaw
- The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver

I love it when lists morph as you adapt their contents and shuffle the pieces around among do, doing, and done. And my, how this list will change! But seriously, send input, because I've been withdrawn from the realm of books for years, sadly, and I need your help.


  1. i have the Poisonwood Bible...

    -your husband

  2. I have Love and Respect...

    -your mom


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