hazards of traveling (or is it travelling?)

with it being wedding season and all, I've had matrimony on the brain. It hasn't been that long since Brian and I exchanged wedding vows, and I have to say that marrying him is the best thing I've done, to date. We're happy so much of the time - and the times when we aren't happy, we do a lot of give and take about how to deal with it in the future. Our commitment to each other is unconditional.

Except that he informed me yesterday that if I ever did something that caused him to get a speeding ticket when he otherwise would not have, he would pack his bags and leave immediately. This was in one of those ridiculous conversations where I pointed out that he was driving faster than perhaps I would have liked, considering I prefer to be about 20 miles below speed limit on the highway (mild exaggeration) and he said not to worry, even if we did get pulled (which we didn't, by the way, despite my many dramatic exclamations that we were on the verge of doom) that he wouldn't get a ticket, because I would just cry and he would explain that he was in seminary and it would all be ok. I informed him that I would not, in fact, be crying, that I would probably be yelling at the top of my lungs non-stop to the point that he wouldn't even be able to HEAR the cop/state trooper/messenger of doom/what have you. At which point he informed me that if I ever were to cause him to get a ticket that he otherwise would not, blah blah blah eternal sadness and loneliness and despair.

Pretend you're a patroller of the streets and you pull someone over. Would seeing the 'little wife' crying and hearing a sob story about being in seminary and broke and trying to make it home to work on a sermon cause you to give a warning in lieu of a ticket? Would you be more, or less, inclined to ticket a guy who was already being lambasted by a VERY ANGRY WIFE going on and on about 'I asked you to slow down and we can't afford this ticket and with one car between us how am I supposed to get to work while you have your day in court' (and cleverly inserting all kinds of reasons why a speeding ticket would be nigh-on-disastrous for us) at the top of her lungs? Because me, I wouldn't buy into sob stories, but I would TOTALLY feel bad for the guy who was clearly being punished way more than a fine the size of a speeding ticket...

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