hamburger cupcakes??

We at Chez Newlyweds hope to have a lot of cookouts and burgers and bring-your-own-meat and s'mores this summer. And me being the goober that I am, I disdain the whole 'pastor's wife' title and wanting to be Brian's Wife, or even Ashley, rather than a fifth limb. I'm always looking for ways to put a twist on the 'typical' thing. (I do this with most things, actually.)

In a seemingly unrelated vein, I've been reading the Cupcake Queen's blog for a while now. She is wildly inspring and makes me think that maybe I, too, could find my inner Martha Stewart and have a shot at 'coolest mom on the block' someday. The CQ does cool things with her cupcakes...you should check them out.

Some of her ideas have had me really jazzed before, but now, just in time for summer, she has REALLY inspired me, and I hope to be taking along some hamburger cupcakes to the next cookout or potluck or whatever.

Look and be amazed! Aren't these fantastic?

Definitely some 'cool wife' potential in these babies. My goal is to make all the guys jealous of Brian.

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