Glory Daze

Today we had Brian's last Sunday at the church where he's been interning.  We've been going to this church since last September and the folks there have really embraced us.  There are lots of 'personalities' there and we're going to miss them.

Remember how I was talking about knitting the baby blanket in church, and how all the church ladies thought it was cool that I'd knit, and they'd monitor my progress, etc...   well, apparently not ALL of the church ladies were very happy.  I was discreetly informed of this fact a few days ago, and as such, I left the needlework in the car today.

I was amused when a few folks - even folks who hadn't really talked much to me before - even MALE folks - mentioned that they saw I didn't have the knitting with me today, and how was it coming along, and what will I be working on next?

One nice gentleman even said "I hope it wasn't because of me!"  'I hope so, too,' I thought to myself.

Something that hadn't really occurred to me before this 'knitting incident' is that people will be watching me, and any offspring, perhaps more closely than they'll be watching Brian.  I figured it wouldn't be as bad, seeing as he isn't setting out to be Head of Staff -- but it's still something I need to keep in mind.  

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