time for a trip!

I've been thinking for many days now about what kind of knitting I want to take on my upcoming trip to the Poconos. I'm hoping to finish up this life-long sweater project that I've been somewhat working on for months. I reached into my stash and started the project in Feb, and then kept getting other high-priority projects that interfered with me finishing it. So now that the knitting horizon is clear, I'm actually TIRED of this one and can only think of what ELSE I want to be working on. I've got 1.5 sleeves and some seams left to go, and then I can get on with some monogamous knitting glory.

PS, one of the projects I want to take is going to involve some yarn made from banana fibers. BANANA, how cool is that?? It's a deep royal blue lumpy shiny yarn and I'm stoked to use it. I think I'm going to make either a big loopy stash-bag or a nice shawl from it.


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