take me to your leader

After about 7 weeks of illness and healing, I'm easing back into posting here. And because lately I've been in a major music acquisition mode, I've got songs on the brain.

As such, I thought I would share with you one of the first videos I ever loved, by one of the first bands I ever loved.


Take Me To Your Leader, by the Newsboys
(from back in the day, when they were awesome...dare I say?)

In case you were wondering, Duncan (Dunny) Phillips - the one on the hand drums - is the one I had a crush on.


book review: Radical

I just finished reading Radical, by David Platt. I received a free copy through Blogging for Books, a WaterBrook Multnomah program that sends bloggers free books in exchange for reviews. I posted my review here (it'd be swell if you ranked it after reading). You can check out all of my Blogging for Books reviews here.

In short, Radical (and another book with a similar focus, the Irresistible Revolution) completely altered my stupid notions about 'living for Jesus' and what 'being a Christian' should look like. I don't know that I'll really ever be the same. I certainly hope not.


brief hiatus

For all three of you who care, I'd like to mention here that I am taking a brief break from the blog. I've spent the past two weeks in bed, recovering from something awful. I'm planning to spend this week catching up on everything, including blog posts that I have been ruminating but unable to write. I'll likely be back on or around Valentine's day.

Just in case you were wondering...