tasty snack

One of the things I thought I would end up doing to pass the days of unemployment is knit. But, because I'm working on a project that I am completely uninterested in, and I packed up my stash to prevent me from starting new projects without finishing this one, there isn't much knitting going on in Cassa Mia.

I'm generally thinking about new knitting projects, though. I like prowling pattern sites and getting an idea for what I can do with my skill level and my stash, dreaming up all kinds of ideas and wishes. I wonder about the first pair of socks I'll knit; about the first sweater I'll knit; how quickly I'll be able to build my skills and get to the point where I wouldn't be afraid to tackle the harder patterns...to make the stuff that's actually useful or cute. Basic patterns are not so much on cuteness, in general, and it's a boring (and for me, long) hurdle to climb. I look forward to the feeling I'll have when I finish my first sweater or lace shawl or pair of socks. But in the meantime, I have developed a sort of sense of humor about my non-knitting skills. And I have NO shame about sharing my "ideas" with Brian, just to get a reaction. (note the chicken viking hat and the man thong.)

My favorite torture mechanism is threatening to knit some edible underwear. (for those people who actually like the idea of edible underwear and aren't repulsed by the idea of making some for yourself, there's a free pattern here.) Flashing around this picture, or even mentioning the notion and the popularity that the item might have at bridal/lingerie showers as a real spark-starter, gives Brian a nice shudder. It's a pretty effective trump card, especially when he's teasing me about knitting. Then I can reflect on the merits of knitting items that are meant to last longer than the average hook-up.

This evening, though, I came across a form of knitting that shouldn't survive snacktime - and it's not even remotely vulgar! (unless you consider the vegan lifestyle to be vulgar...which I don't.) It's another form of edible knitting that I can REALLY get behind. ...without it even touching my behind. ...unless the 'moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips' principle means that this knitwork will end up touching my behind...but that's ok, because it'd be after consumption, rather than before. But I digress.

Little teeny tiny edible knitwear! And there are step-by-step illustrated instructions here for all you adoring fans (photos courtesy of this site as well). And adoring you should be!! I LOVE this idea and I wish I liked marzipan because I would totally go for trying out the technique. I wonder if I could use fondant, but I'm thinking maybe not because I think fondant is a lot drier than marzipan and might not be as flexible. It's been a while since I played with fondant though, so it may be worth a shot. I used to do a lot of baking and I dabbled in sugarcraft, so maybe this discovery will inspire me to do some more of it!

Knitting. rocks. really. Knitters are so cool.