Hi there! I'm Ashley, and I'm happy you're here. Keep reading if you'd like to know a little bit about me.

I'm a Southern gal. I went to Carolina, I love grits, and I talk with a drawl. But I don't like the weather here in the Old North State, and I'd like to live in the Rockies (again) someday.

I was married once. We had the makings of a beautiful story, but things aren't always what they seem. I never thought I would end up divorced until it happened to me. We lived in Denver, Colorado, but I had to leave the Wild West for the muggy, buggy shelter of Chapel Hill, NC.

I'm a mother. My marriage went on the rocks about a month before our first child was born, and the official busting up came a few months after. It's not easy walking the path of new parent alone almost from the start. I am deeply humbled by the women (and men) who do this without the support I have.

I work from home. It was important to me that Gabriel grow up in his own home, with his primary parent (that's me) there with him. It was true when I was a stay-at-home mom, and it's true now. Nap time is essential. So is my freelance business as well as my family's business. If you're looking for an editor or a writer, please consider me!

I live counter-culturally, in a lot of ways. I do whatever it takes to avoid debt, which right now means living on a tiny budget. I cloth-diapered my baby and began potty-training him at 20 months old. I actively serve my church. I live with a roommate (in addition to the toddler). I make my own laundry detergent. And I have a papillon. Have you ever met a papillon? (Don't judge the breed by mine, please.)

I maintain this blog primarily to serve as a record of my feelings and experiences. These days, I tend to ramble about parenting, finances, and the challenges of being a single mom. It's not all about me, though. I invite you to join me and we can grow together. Everyone has a story to share, and as I share mine, perhaps you will find a piece of yours.

You can find some of my favorite posts on the right sidebar, somewhere below the subscription options but above the knitting projects. Let's have a conversation here -- I would very much love to hear your thoughts!

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