the oldest has the hardest time

Just in case you were wondering, here's proof:


This past weekend at the cabin, I heard my aunt Jen explain to her kids, ages 7 and 3, that when they were 10 they could play Pass the Eights with the rest of the family. And I distinctly heard her say to the youngest that she, too, had to wait until she was 10 - that the rule is that they can play when they each turn 10 (instead of both playing when the oldest turns 10. Because that's how things usually work.). We'll see in a few years if this is actually how it ends up going!!

Because I was recently ordered to bed (and no I'm not pregnant), I'm having to come up with interesting ways to entertain myself. As a result, I am currently thinking of all the different ways I will inflict unfairness upon my own firstborn.

Do YOU have any good stories about the unfairness of being the oldest/the awesomeness of being the youngest?

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  1. When we were growing up, the right of passage was to be old enough to spend a month with Nana in Massachusetts in the summer. In this particular case, being the youngest was a disservice because I never got that prize to which I had looked forward for many many years. Instead, she sold her home and moved in with us. In many ways that was even better. However, I continued to long for summer away at Nana's. On the flipside, since I was the last to leave, I had much more time with her one on one than my siblings. She was my best friend and I adored her.


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