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It's Friday morning! Time for another Company Girl Coffee. Welcome!

So...I'm exhausted. How about you? This week has been really draggy for me - one of those weeks when I feel like I'm moving underwater or something. My capacity this morning for intelligent, cohesive thought is somewhat limited. What follows is, essentially, a bullet-point list of what runs through my mind as I reflect on the past several days. Like stream of consciousness, but easier to read because it's punctuated.

Our Christmas tree, which has been bare for several days now, finally left our house last night. There is a trail of dried up pine needles showing the way to the car. You can sweep sidewalks, but you can't sweep gravel...

The puppy has decided that maybe she doesn't need to be housetrained after all.

Brian is almost off for his first of 3 weekends away, and I am dreading all that time alone with the dogs going to miss him.

I did all of the Small Things this week. Actually, I've done all of them this month. I'm pretty proud of that. This week's big task was setting up a housekeeping schedule. And I'm happy with mine. With the Small Things every day, the schedule to give me some overall structure, and the Flylady missions, I think I'm pretty well set up in the 'get stuff done around the house' category.

I am currently reading People of the Book. I have been reading it for more than a week, and I'm only about 120 pages in. I love it, but for some reason it is very slow reading for me.

I also finished a pair of socks and started a second. These are for a barter exchange with my college roommate - she bought tickets to a football game for us, and I am in return knitting her two pairs of socks. (I won't mention here that the game was in September and I am just now finishing the first pair. What can I say - I guess I was a little busy in the past few months.) I really liked the first pair I made, but it was a pretty challenging pattern. This second pattern is not as challenging, but the socks are man-socks so they'll be much bigger than I'm used to. The yarn colorway is called Ripe Banana and I love it - it is various shades of yellow with the occasional brown speck.

This weekend: I am looking forward to some down time - lots of knitting and lots of reading. I am also looking forward to some solid hours of making progress in the unpacking and getting settled departments. I don't know about you, but I've got a 2-foot stack of things to be filed/sorted/listed on eBay.

We'll see who wins - the grasshopper or the ant.

I might also let the dogs sleep on the bed with me.

How was your week? Do you have any plans for the weekend, fun or otherwise?


  1. Hello! I'm Anna, here for CGC. Love to see those socks you made. I haven't knitted anything for a few years and hope to get to it again soon. Congrats on getting all the small things done this month. I just got started myself this week and have enjoyed them too. Have a great weekend! See you next week.

  2. Congrats on the housekeeping schedule...creating that can be a big task. I have lacked motivation to keep up with all that stuff these days...busy days and pooped out nights I guess.

    "we'll see who wins-- the grasshopper or the ant" I love that. I wonder who will win at my house today!

  3. Yeah! Home Sanctuary has been awesome this week! Wow! knitting socks? I can only knit straight things (scarf)...I would love to see what you have come up with!

  4. I've got a pretty big pile of things that need to be either sold or donated too. I am constantly purging. It's a bit of an addiction. I save most things up for a yard sale that we have annually with my husband's family

  5. You ladies are so sweet! I will post pictures of the socks, after they're done. The recipient wants them to be a surprise, and I think she reads this blog (Hi Holly!).

    Also. Annual yard sale...JEALOUS. I have taken truckloads (literally) to the thrift shops because I have no one to do a yard sale with me. Maybe soon? That would be so nice.

    It's 20 to 11 here...and so far, the grasshopper is winning!! Though having a 9am appointment has something to do with that.

  6. Enjoy your weekend. I hope it a relaxing one for you.

  7. I've never knitted socks, always looked too complicated to me.

  8. Congrats on the housekeeping schedule! I worked on mine as well, at it felt quite good :) I've done all the things this month, so far, as well - I like the Minimum Maintenance items a lot (three small kids = minimum amount of time!).

    Have a great weekend ...

  9. thanks for stopping by. your wknd sounds heavenly.

  10. I'm dragging a little this week, too. I think it's partly just harder post- Christmas. I hope your next week is a little more restful.

  11. Came here from Home Sanctuary to say "hello." I could use some of your energy in the "get stuff done around the hosue" category. I'm getting stuff done, but it feels like there's lead in my bones.

    One of these days I WILL give knitting another try. For now, if I got togeter with a friend and two needles, i'd be there to take rows out.

  12. I want to learn to knit...will you come teach me? Please?

    As for intelligent cohesive thoughts. Those pretty much end permanently with the birth of children!

    Have a great weekend! Happy knitting!

  13. Good for you for doing all the small things! Very cool. And the knitting sounds awesome. Will you be able to post pictures of your finished work? I admire knitters very much - knitters, crocheters, seamstresses - I have never learned any of it well, and admire those who are more skilled. What a great barter you made!


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