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There was something I'd been meaning to do for a while, as a new resident of Richmond - get a library card. As if I didn't have enough books as it is, I wanted a free pass to as many books as I could get my paws on (20 at a time is the limit, I believe).

As Brian is the son of a librarian, and sometimes works in the library at school when money is a little too tight, I thought he would want to make use of the Richmond Public Library system as well.

So I researched the requirements and I sent him a cutesy email, in which I informed him that we were going on a field trip this evening and he would need such-and-such documentation. And I must say, he was very cooperative.

I don't know if or when he figured out where we were going, but once we pulled up to the local branch, he was completely unenthused. Apparently I am married to a library snob, and he has zero interest in our library. None. At all. He didn't even get the card. Complete waste of wallet space. He managed to entertain himself with some magazine article about robots.

I went to town, though. Problem is, our local branch didn't have quite the selection I'd hoped. There weren't many knitting books (although tons of crochet ones) but definitely some things to get me inspired. I ended up checking out Kitchen Privileges by Mary Higgins Clark (it's her memoir and I've already started it) but I will ponder the 'craft' books to decide what I want to tackle first - lace knitting, calligraphy, quilting or sewing.

I'll also try to figure out how to do the library transfer...and maybe how to request books. There are a couple pattern books I'd love to sink my teeth into while bypassing the $30 price tag.

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