the bucket list!

So my dear sweet husband surprised me tonight with a DATE NIGHT...on a Tuesday! Who ever heard of that??? He cooked dinner while I tried to get some work done, and then told me to get dressed in ANYTHING I wanted. (Being someone who thrives on direction, this was NOT my idea of helpful...which I'm sure is part of why he did it that way!)

So I changed from my black silk work skirt into a dark denim one, and threw on my trusty but falling-apart birks (HELLO Germany I would like to come see you now and buy more of your awesome shoes!), and off we went. To the Byrd Theatre. To see the Bucket List! I even got special Byrd popcorn...mmmm.

Good movie. I recommend it. That's the extent of my review. It's the kind of movie that you can see with your inlaws and not feel awkward and also have good conversations about later. I may or may not have cried, along with most other female people in the theater, and I didn't have tissues. Brian may have offered me a crumpled up napkin with butter all over it.

I called it used. He called it scented.

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