a little (p)update

Rory, aka Rory-Bear, aka Miss Priss, aka Little Miss, aka Stinky Butt, aka Stinker, had a vet checkup on Monday. She passed with flying colors, and we really like the vet. She listens to us, she isn't pushy about drugs or shots, and she really loves our pups.

Back to Rory. She has doubled her weight and she's outgrowing her crate. She is extremely leggy and is more sure-footed every day.

She is also mostly housetrained, though things get a little iffy in the afternoon, when we are all tired of each other.

We have started going on long walks, which has been good for me, probably good for Eli, and of negligible impact on Rory and her wild puppy energy but she seems to like them. We've been to the library and back - about a mile each way, which will be a regular venture in the future. On days when the weather is bad we just walk a half-mile loop around the apartment complex a couple times. As soon as the weather stops threatening to dump ten tons of snow on our heads, we're going to check out a dog-friendly shop in a shopping area a little over a mile away. (This complex will probably end up a regular destination of ours - along with the dog shop, it has a Chinese place, a grocery store, an Einsteins, and a few other places that contain treats for HUMANS.) I am currently strategizing how to tie the dogs up outside while I duck into non-dog-friendly places, like the library and the grocery store. Rory would probably be ok, other than barking at everybody and begging for attention, but Eli might go berserko and hurt somebody. Maybe I need to take a sign that says 'do not pet the papillon.'

Rory's current favorite things to do include ringing the outside bell any time she wants to go outside, chewing on bottles, and going with Eli to Home Depot. She's picked up a new habit of barking at other dogs when they're at a distance, which does not thrill me, but we are working on that. She is very friendly and loves meeting new people and animals. The trips to Home Depot are especially good for Eli - he is more inclined to calm down around people there than he is outside, for some reason. When we were there on Tuesday, Eli even approached a cashier looking for pets! A first for him!! Rory has been very good for Eli, and now the big task is to prevent Eli from teaching Rory bad habits.

She is more than twice Eli's size now. Her paws are becoming massive, her muscles are developing, and her head is starting to square off and become less 'puppy with a long nose' and more 'border collie under construction.' Sometimes we think her eyes are turning green, but then they'll be blue again. Could be lighting, or could be actual changes in color. We'll know which, eventually.

And for those of you suffering from Eli withdrawal, here's a cute picture of him sleeping.


  1. Hi Ashley! I found your blog through Home Sanctuary and just had to tell you how adorable your pups are. I read a little bit of your blog and I must say, I think I've found a kindred spirit! I kept saying things to my husband like, "oh, she loves dogs!" and, "aw, she likes Gilmore Girls too!" and, "oo! she likes to sew too" and, "woohoo! she hates Duke!". haha, I hope that doesn't come across as stalkerish. Hope you participate in Company Girl Coffee this Friday. Your blog is a fun read :)

  2. ha! Any hater of dook is a friend of mine. I have a confession to make - I read some of your more recent posts and I did the same thing with my husband...'look at those cute dogs!' 'look at their cute house!' 'SHE HAS A CRICUT!' etc. etc. I am more into the fiber arts whereas maybe you are more into the paper arts (stepping aside the argument that paper is comprised of fiber) but hey, that's awesome! I'll have my people get in touch with your people shortly.

  3. haha, I am cracking up over here. I do love fiber arts as well though! Now I have to know.. I know you hate dook but are you a UNC fan?

  4. Not only am I a UNC fan, I am a UNC graduate....third generation. Ask me about my favorite lawsuit sometime :)

  5. haha, woohoo. We're big-time Carolina fans (mostly basketball). Technically, I am by marriage but my husband grew up bleeding blue.

  6. Rory is such a cute puppy! This is giving me puppy fever BIG time!! I love that awkward puppy stage when their paws are huge and their legs are all gangly and awkward. Not so much the chewing on everything though...

  7. Rory is pretty cute and VERY charming. You might get over the puppy fever after hanging around her long enough, though. She has the worst case of gas I've ever experienced. And we have holes in our sofa now. She's pretty sweet when she isn't gnawing on everything though.


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