Can I just say, I love my cuckoo clock? I got it in ....Switzerland I think.... more than 10 years ago. It sat in a box, and then a shelf, for years. And now, finally, I have it mounted on a wall in my house. It sits in a spot where I can see and hear it all the time, and it makes me mondo happy every day when it chimes and sings.

Remember how I just said that I can hear it everywhere in the house? Yes. It's a small house. It's a small, miserable, cold house on those nights when I forget to put the bird to bed and tuck the songs away...to be reminded every half hour....

It doesn't take many sleepless nights for you to make the habit of turning the dang bird off....

But still. It makes me very happy. I'm glad I like it this much, a decade later.

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