knitting the moderne

Since taking the new job, my knitting moved to the back-burner. The sweater I spent most of winter on has been hibernating for a couple of months - it has a front, a back, and about half a sleeve done. I lost interest and it's been neglected long enough to start making me feel guilty. And because I am a self-proclaimed monogamous knitter, I didn't want to start a new project until I finished this one first. HELLO, perfectionism! You are my unfinished object list's best friend!

I had to break the monogamy rule, though. Good reason, though! I got hired! Paid to knit! What could possibly be better??

Actually, getting paid to eat really good chocolate would be better. BUT, I digress.

My super rockstar friend and former coworker Lisa commissioned a baby blanket. She wanted 'lots of blues' and machine washability. She may or may not have also wanted to show up everyone else with a hand-made specially designed item...but who am I to surmise her thoughts?

We hemmed and hawed over patterns, and with me being a perfectionist and all, I was afraid to make a decision even though she said numerous times to make a decision. I finally found a pattern I could really get behind...and voila!

I was particularly stoked about this pattern for a number of reasons - could incorporate lots of blues, was mostly garter stitch (read: mind-numbingly easy) so it would be good for multitasking, included three new techniques for me to learn.

The church ladies were so excited to see a young'un knitting, and I'd take it to church every week and work on it in Sunday School and the non-interactive parts of the service, and they'd ask about the progress and ask to see it, blah blah. I had to do lots of reassuring/clearing up misunderstandings, and proclaim loudly that it was NOT for me NO I AM NOT A MOMMY YET no babies here PLEASE HIRE ME....et cetera.

I am now working up the nerve to invest in some stash-diving and work up a few (more) things to list on my someday-to-open Etsy shop. Love Etsy.

What do YOU think of the Moderne Baby Blanket?

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