insanity recap

I won't give a detailed recap of last night's insanity, mostly because it's boring. Cleaning is not-so-much exciting.

Somewhat more exciting is that I found a few old ceramic craft projects from when my brother and I went to camps. I now have a bright blue/green/yellow foot-long inchworm with buck teeth to greet me in the mornings.

I decided midway through the process NOT to go kamikaze crazy about it, and only work a decent amount of time to get things done (ie, 3 hours-ish). I can see a LOT more of my floor now. And the best thing is, we cleared the path back to the attic, so the decluttering process is MUCH less likely to get stopped up, as it had been for the past month.

t was probably kinda entertaining watching me make a couch turn somersaults to get down the skinny hall and through the tiny door. Fortune smiled upon me when it bestowed a small couch that is fairly light. And Brian was relatively cooperative when he got home as well, although his 'housework' tolerance is lower than the average woman so I ended up quitting before I really wanted to. Then again, he's cooperating more than the average dude would, so he still makes me grinny.

Even Eli decided to grant us with some quiet and stayed mostly away. Although, I heard he was a rascal yesterday afternoon. Something about eating his raw chicken wing on the couch, after he thought Brian had left the house. We're trying to train him to eat his chicken in his bowl.... but that's another papillon adventure for another day. Crazy little guy.

I'm feeling a little better today, and I hope to continue the process this evening. Tonite, The Clothes Pile will meet its doom.

Question: what's the one cleaning/decluttering thing you've been putting off for forever?

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