Company Girl Coffee 1.22.10


It's Friday!!

I've had a pretty good week this week. I started getting up early, I went to my church's knitting group for the first time (and it was AWESOME) and I stuck pretty well to my housekeeping schedule from last week. I am so grateful to be able to be at home right now, and be able to focus on building some web business and raise the kids dogs.

SPEAKING of business and dogs...

Rory, the toilet paper monster of doom, has been much much MUCH easier to deal with this week. She and Eli have been zonking from about 8am to 11am and again from about 1pm to 3pm every day this week. I am beside myself with joy for all those hours I'm getting back. I have hit the web design hard the past couple of days, and if the trend continues, the site will go live next week. I am so stoked. And SO ready to be contributing actual monetary value to the bottom line again (although I racked up about $75 worth of ebay and half.com sales this week)! AND, I've been able to make good headway on a volunteer project I committed to doing back in November, in the days immediately preceding our acquisition of the puppy.

The socks I mentioned last week are coming along, though not as quickly as I would like. I've finished the foot (the part from the base of the toes to where the front of your leg meets the top of your foot) of one and am almost finished with the foot of the other - which puts me close to the half-way point. I'd like to get this and the other pair in the mail to Holly by this time next week. I can't post pictures yet, because they are a surprise! But I will post as soon as they arrive. If you are really super interested in seeing some things I've knitted, you can check out any post with the knitting tag (or click here). There's at least one photo of a completed pair of socks in there.

So that's my life these days week. Dogs, website, knitting, housework. Maybe next week I'll get to some fun things like decorating the mantle and hanging artwork!

That's all for me. How was your week? What have you been up to? Any big projects just itching to be completed and then unveiled??


  1. My kids have been begging to get a dog since they learned that song, "How much is that doggie in the window" a couple of years ago.

    Good job selling stuff! I've mostly done alterations. And haven't sold anything I made in 5 years. I just make jewelry for myself. Last night I saw some great necklaces I'm hoping to replicate sometime, maybe this weekend!

  2. My daughter is knitting fiend! So glad you got to go and enjoy that time.

  3. that's so awesome that your church has a knitting group. I must tip my hat to you for being able to keep up with the getting up early thing. I am NOT an early riser. I come to life just in the wee hours before bed, haha. It's rather sad.

    As for any big projects just waiting to be finished an unveiled... sigh... TOO many. I am backed up. Hoping to get some of that accomplished this weekend though. Have a great weekend!

  4. Our dog passed away last summer and our kids have been bugging us to get a puppy ever since...ugh...I am just not sure I am ready to potty train another thing yet...but yours are sooo cute!

  5. Love the picture of your dogs...what beautiful colouring they have! Enjoy the knitting...socks look very complicated...I don't think I could do those!

  6. LOVE the name of your blog! Visiting from Company Girls. . .

  7. I know how to knit a little bit, but I would like to learn to make socks. I need to be around someone to help me, though.
    Glad your dogs are doing better. I hope you have a great weekend.

  8. YOur dogs seem so happy...I am really tempted to send you a sweet little beagle/rat terrier mix. I am sure she would fit right in...what do ya think?

    Still want to learn to knit...maybe someday!

  9. Our big project for this year is to enlarge my husband's best photos and hang them on our bare walls! Thanks for stopping by this weekend!

  10. No projects yet...still recovering from the holidays. Can't believe it's a new year already. I could use some socks over here. It's been so cold. Good luck with your business!


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