[pre-meme disclaimer: in light of the past several days of gloom and despair and utter misery, i selected this meme, randomly stolen from some random chick's blog that i'd clicked thru about three other blogs to find, to lighten the mood. or at least change the subject.]

is your cell phone? my purse. probably on silent. at least i know where it is now, tho...

is your significant other? sitting right next to me on the sofa. studying greek. being very stressed out. and boring.

is your hair? what's left of it is on my head :) still liking the haircut....

is your mother? presumably in the town where she lives. probably stalking me at this very moment. tee hee, hi mom

is your father? probably at home. or maybe china...

is one of your favorite things? homemade pasta!

was your dream last night? no idea

can you get your favorite drink? anywhere with running water

are you right now? at the house, on the sofa

is your ex? STILL living at home. this is perhaps wildly indicative of why we broke up.

is your fear? umm...where is my fear? in nature, i guess...

do you want to be in 6 years? ireland. with a kid or two. holy crap.

were you last night? same place i am every night, pinky... the sofa, working and/or "working"

was the last place you drove? haha i can't even remember, but it was probably work-related

did you grow up? charlotte, nc

was the last place you ate? sofa...no access to the table right now. long miserable story.

is (are) your TV(s)? in the living room. there's an unplugged one in the guest room too.

are your pets? probably sleeping in his crate. cute little antisocial guy...

is your computer? on my lap. on the sofa.

is your mood? sleepy...and excited but nervous about my new project at work ...wait, where is my mood? grumpyville i guess...

is your oldest friend? phila

is your car? outside

is your wedding ring? on its finger!

is your favorite store? probably at the mall.

is your favorite place to be in the summer? in the air conditioning

was the last place you laughed? also on my sofa. oh lord i have no life.

was the last place you cried? RIGHT HERE ON MY SOFA

are five places you go on the internet on a regular basis? gmail, msn, blogger (duh), etsy, and my workplace's website

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