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I come from hands-on people. I was the kid who took things apart to understand how they work. To this day, I have some disdain for digital because it's too 'magical' and you can't really see it working.

My people... you hand us a basket of parts, and we can put anything together. We love linkin logs and tinker toys and erektor sets and legos.

We play card games and board games, not video games. We garden. We knit and have wood shops. We join the scouts and the military. We cook and bake from scratch. We repair our own cars and our own plumbing. We prefer listening to records over CDs. When we open a business, it's carpentry or a yarn shop. We buy fixer-uppers and then we fix them up ourselves. We like blisters. We hug a lot.

We share our knowledge. Everyone is a teacher. Everyone is a learner.

This has been a wonderful way to approach the world.

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