big newses from the weekend

in no particular order:

1. i finished and mailed off our NC taxes. looks like the state owes ME this year, but we'll find out for sure when we get audited, which i am convinced will happen...not sure why, it's not like we have any money!!!
2. all my hair is gone. ok, there's maybe 4 inches left. i'm humored by a photo from when i was maybe 4, and had nearly the exact same haircut. it was cute then, it's cute now. thanks to all the inlaws who sent me money!!
3. got my first paycheck friday...apparently now that i'm salaried, i pay FICA. didn't know about that...
4. saw juno, at the byrd. loved it. you should check it out if you haven't already, but i'm pretty sure we were the last people on earth to see it.... i wouldn't mind having a kid like her, altho i'd prefer to sidestep the whole teen pregnancy thing.
5. speaking of babies, my friends that nobody reading this blog know had their baby!!
6. BRITNEY IS OK. phew. and tiger failed to meet everyone's expectations. welcome to humanity, buddy. your wife is still a hottie, i'm sure...

i would also like to add that i have the best husband.

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