tornadoes and other emergencies

I had nightmares...really active, strong, terrible nightmares all night. They involved tornadoes and lots of being scared, seeing dead people, running for my life...getting yelled at because I wasn't running fast enough....

I would wake up, calm down, and go back to sleep, only to go back to the chaos, only things would be even worse. More destruction, more tornadoes, more panic. More time running for my life. All night long.

Apparently I turned my alarm off sometime between 645 and 715, and went back to sleep. That was a rock solid sleep that I didn't come out of until 8am. Sidenote, I had to be downtown at 8:30 for CPR/first aid certification. No worries, we got it done. My husband's a rock star.

And, in weird news, apparently Virginia had a bunch of tornadoes last night. My mother-in-law called this morning to check on us cus she'd heard it on the news.

For those of you wondering, I am now certified in CPR and First Aid. Thank you, American Red Cross. There is now a real chance that I might not panic in an emergency situation. Excellent.

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