some of the ups and downs of temping

Before I landed my current job (the one I've had for a matter of days) I did a LOT of temping. I did long-term temps lasting months, I did short-term ones that were just a handfull of hours at a time, and I did a number of temps in between. I met a lot of really cool people (and a few uncool folks too) and gained a world of experiences that a lot of folks I know will never be able to relate to.

I think spending almost a year of having to 'jump right in' has helped me adapt to my current job - because I have to jump into a position that has been dormant for years, take information coming at me from multiple directions, and essentially take off. A year ago, I would have been hugely intimidated. I wouldn't know how to introduce myself via email, I wouldn't be able to synthesize the snippets of answers to 'what do you do' as quickly as I can now, and I'd be immensely nervous all the time.

Now, though, I'm used to having to hit the ground running. When you're temping -- if you're a temp who cares -- you're paid by the quarter-hour and you are NOT paid to sit there and muddle through and be nervous. You're paid to get your 5 minute introduction (if THAT) and then go at it.

At this point, I've worked in environments ranging from a Foundation to a scrap metal company to the Senate Finance Committee. I've worked with people who wear leggings and Elvis tshirts to work every day; I've worked with people who wear $300 (and even WAY MORE) suits every day. I know people. I know people who know people. There were many days when I was absolutely miserable and too many nights spent agonizing over every cent we'd spent in the past week or month or two months, but part of me wouldn't trade these experiences and new connections for anything.

It's been an adventure. It's been good (and sometimes really hard) training. It's helped me jump off for where I need to be today, tomorrow, next week....I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now if I hadn't been all over the map in the past few months.

Then again, I wouldn't have $700 in credit card debt and two grey hairs, either.

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