the word birthday has a D in it

happy birthday to me! i turned the "big" 2-5, and have now moved up a checkbox in the age category on most consumer surveys. ah, milestones...

you will never guess what i did to celebrate the big day.

i mowed the lawn.

that's right people: i, the girl whose marriage vows went something along the lines of "I will clean every bathroom if you mow every lawn," the girl whose goal in life was NOT to EVER mow the lawn or otherwise do yardwork, the girl who had to go to three different websites just to figure out how to start the dang thing, have mowed the lawn.

well, most of it anyway. we have a really big back yard. i'll finish tonite.

in all honesty and fairness, i did other fun things to celebrate. my sweet husband did his best to make the day special despite his feeling like a bucket of snot with a migraine. he did cute husbandly things like install new ink cartridges in the printer, make me this tshirt he promised me a long time ago (but couldn't because we ran out of ink...), buy me some potted mini daffodils (apparently the cashier ladies loved that), and perform extensive research on which is the best wireless mouse in our price point. anyway. he's awesome. i just feel the need to exclaim.

we were able to make our first trip back to sticky rice - it's been a while, given some ironclad budget constraints. naturally we got the bucket of tots, and my two favorites, the yum-yum and the philly roll...mmmmmm, <3 smoked salmon....

i'm also sporting a new haircut, thanks to some mad money from fantastic in-laws, and every night we lounge through approx. 150 tv channels thanks to a cable upgrade from my mom. my brother sent me a gift card from one of the clothing stores i like - but he used our nicknames for each other, bubble butt and poopie. i'll let you guess which one is me. anyway, someone had to hand-write these names on the envelope. i got a chuckle thinking of what it'd be like to be that sales clerk.

my new workplace also threw me a really fun surprise thinger. it was super cute and made me feel really welcome, being the new girl and all. they purchased a toy car for me to keep here, because my husband and i share a car and he has it most days. also had tool-shaped candles, because that's what we do.

and finally, i haven't counted but i think maybe like 35 people posted on my facebook wall. score for the cyber-love.

all in all, a great day :) thanks to everyone who contributed!

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