weak weekend recap

I feel so blah. This has been one of those weird not-productive-despite-my-efforts weekends. I've found it dreadfully hard to get anything done. ANYTHING. I didn't even grocery shop all the way. And this is going to be a very boring entry.

Part of it is the weather. (ps, still not sure if it's ok to complain about the rain...) Part of it is that I'm still tired from last week at work, and I know that last week was perhaps the easiest week I'll have in a while. I know I'm not the kind of person who can work more than about 6 days straight without turning into a robot, but I seriously thought I'd be ok bringing work home as long as I could sit on the couch in my PJs to get it done. Come on, it totally worked in college.

So that was Friday. Sitting on the couch in my PJs thinking about everything that needed to get done this weekend (helloooooo program write-up, job description for my soon-to-be intern, internet research on mesh trailers, and oh yeah TAXES...) and NOT actually doing any of it. If only thinking were considered productive!

Speaking of college...(didn't I say college a few lines ago?) Kyle and DH and I went down to Chapel Hill for the game. Kyle was the mastermind. He pointed out that we, after spending 4 years together at Carolina, never watched a basketball game in one of the bars on Franklin Street, and how many times would we be this close to Carolina and in the FINAL FOUR, and we totally should go.

I think this is the part where I point out that we sat courtside for the entire 2005 men's tournament. It's true. We're in the posters even. All you kiddies out there, you may make fun of the marching band nerds now, but THEY are the ones who will be sitting courtside when your team wins the national championship your senior year, and all you'll get is a tshirt.

So, I convinced myself that I could get work done, 1. in the car on the way down, 2. sitting in the bar between 2 and 6, and in the car on the way back up Sunday morning. I know. Either I'm an idiot, or I'm an evil basketball-loving genius. And now it's quarter-to-beditme and I'm about halfway through the intended workload, precariously balancing the line between working hard and burning out.

It does help that I'm working for a fantastic organization and with some of the most wonderful people I've ever worked with. I'm glad I held out for something that counts.

Did you notice how I've evaded mentioning the game? yeah...more on that later.

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