What I wrote today

One of my 43 things is to write something every day. It's a good habit to have, and it's nice to reconnect to a part of me that I thought died in that crusty old building and all my subsequent head-injury trauma. Problem is, I'm a little bit insane right now with things to do. New job, big projects; 2 states and a federal government in need of my income tax reports; house that is not even unpacked from my move last August (and subsequent post-wedding mini-moves); and now, the annual springtime invasion of The Ant Army to ward off. And that's just the big stuff.

So I got my 43 things daily reminder to write every day a little while ago and decided to track all the things I'm writing today, even if they aren't exactly what I had in mind in the beginning.

1. Text for a Cans for Habitat flier
2. More than a dozen emails/messages
3. A nice long to-do list
4. A question/topic idea for the next set of Spiritual Shots

For a busy day full of doing stuff, that list sure doesn't seem very long...

Up for tomorrow:

-A program report
-Designing a summer camp program and writing the subsequent job description

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