back in the saddle, and wanting off

I am dreadfully busy right now. Work has me going nonstop through lunch and past regular business hours. I still haven't unpacked the most recent influx of worldly possessions from a retrieve-all mission to empty out my belongings from my mother's house. I haven't done any dishes or laundry or general house upkeep in more than a week. And the past two evenings have been gobbled up by constantly evolving tax forms.

As for the taxes, it's not exactly stressful, just a little confusing. I'm actually having the most trouble with something seemingly straightforward - education expenses. And I've been sitting on hold with the IRS for the better part of an hour in a crazy attempt to receive help. After this one question I have is cleared up, I'll be able to make all the additions and subtractions on behalf of Uncle Sam. Presumably we'll end up with a refund, which will further assist us in recovering from the financial stretch marks of unemployment.

And THEN I can begin the Va AND NC taxes. Remind me never to be a student, move to another state, and get married to a student all in one year ever again.

Anyway, all that is to say that I am taking a hiatus from doing/being/saying/writing anything of interest until I can get my personal affairs in order. Just in case you were wondering.

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