go hokies

I remember. I was at work, in Durham NC. I was so scared. I hoped to high heaven that I didn't know any of them. I pulled up the photos and lists of people I'd met and worked with at the Skelton Center in October 05. I cried. I took the hokey bird home that day. I did NOT watch the news.

I couldn't breathe. I didn't know anyone.

The Hokes had been my friends. I spent a week as a guest in their home. I had fond memories of the place that was so good to me when life was unbearable for me in the depths of 2005.

After that, I pulled for the Hokies. I wore my maroon effects shirt proudly (unless Carolina was playing, of course!). I used a VT mug as a change cup so I could see it every day.

No one deserved this tragedy. Especially not Virginia Tech.

I worked for the Virginia General Assembly during the regular session 2008. I saw first hand the discussions of how to improve, how to make things better, how to prevent, how to care. I read a copy of the reports, I read the bill summaries, I listened to the lawmakers figure out their boundaries. It helped.

I pray for the families and for the students. I grieve as a friend, or maybe a neighbor. Or maybe an onlooker.

I love to root for the Hokies.

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