in memorium...sorta

One of my favorite soap characters died today. The character, mind you. The actor really was just leaving this soap opera (Guiding Light) for a different one (one of the ones that starts with A...I don't remember exactly which.). So no worries there, for you worriers.

I really liked this character. He was a good guy for the duration of my time watching (about a year and a half), and there aren't many folks who stay good guys that long in soaps. I think the thing I liked about him most was that he was really steady and stable, and he loved with abandon. When he was in love, he was totally there, all in, no holds barred, come what may. I related to that. (Need I remind you that my husband and I met and were married in less than a year?)

I liked the scene when his widow told him off, she was so pissed at him for dying. I can relate to that, too.

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