feeling blue

What do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?  My usual fallbacks don't seem to be working.  Chocolate isn't working, reading isn't working, knitting isn't working, That 70s Show isn't working, playing with my dog isn't working.  I haven't tried exercise yet because my joints hurt like the dickens.

I'm thinking about maybe some anxiety meds, or a one-way ticket to somewhere else.

What are some of YOUR tricks?


  1. getting involved in a service project!

  2. Watching Magical Mystery Tour always helps me out of a bad trip. It might work for moods too.

  3. acceptance- at the deepest level.

  4. This beautiful tropical island is getting me down, too. Not being sarcastic by the way. Today I popped some of the kids' flintstone gummie vitamins and 1000 mcg of B12 and by the end of our three hour visit to the aquarium I was ahead of the family! You can find them for less than $3 at wallie world in sublingual dots or liquid - which are best - or in swallow-type tablets, and even in gummie chewables. My understanding of B12 is that it supports mood, energy and immunity.
    Hope you're feeling better soon...
    cousin jax


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