my next new car!

A few years ago I was reading something about the Mazda Rx8 before it even came out, and I saw some reference to something called a hydrogen fuel cell engine.  I didn't really understand the science, but the concept was something along the lines of 'new kind of engine' and 'only emits water' and I thought it was REALLY COOL.  

Fast forward a few years, and you've got Honda, announcing that it's preparing to release its first hydrogen fuel cell car, called the Clarity.

I think this is a really great step forward, although I also think it will take quite some time before we will be able to have widespread use of the technology - right now it's limited to Southern California.  Production will need to be altered, I'm sure, in ways that reduce cost AND negative impact on the environment - which is currently an issue for today's green cars (meaning that the environmental damage required to produce them is greater than what is conserved by driving them).  And we'll also require some type of new - or replacement - infrastructure.  I'm not sure if hydrogen fuel is pumped the same way gasoline is, but if it's not, it means we'll start seeing hydrogen stations along with gas and diesel stations.

I'm hoping to get 7 or 8 more years out of my trusty Toyota...maybe by that time, buying a Clarity, or something like it, will be something that the likes of we little people can do.

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