In which I complain endlessly

I am tired.  It's been a long month.  Fraught with a $$$ fundraiser at the Jefferson Hotel and some related candy-making escapades, a visit to a few too many doctors with a few too many 'well I don't knows,' and a couple of days of x-treme summer heat soon to be followed with x-treme outbursts at the summer electric bill.  Let's not think of the cost of 'an ambulance escort to the hospital' until I have a couple more paychecks socked away.  Please and thank you.

I don't get paid enough for this.  I mean really, I work at a nonprofit people.  Cut a sister some slack.  And let's have us some time off.

Tomorrow we're doing a transport - the first in a long while, since we took a break after losing one of the dogs that we were attempting to transport last year.  Oops....  she turned up, fortunately... but yeah, there was much laying low.  Or is it lying low?

I'll also be attending a 'doggie event' where my small-breed dog can get to know a few of his compadres.  Should be fun!  Eli will probably disagree, though.  He's not so much into 'other people' and especially not into 'other animals.'  He ALSO does not do the x-treme heat, so much.  We're probably going to get him shaved next weekend, provided it's not too expensive.  Imagine a very small dog with big pointy ears and a big poofy tail, and otherwise shaved.  Hilarious.

Generally I have overbooked myself this weekend and my to-do list is too long.  It's ok, though - most of what I'll be neglecting isn't too important.

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