I've been taking better care of my skin the past couple weeks.  It was going great until the weather decided to turn 'summer' and now I just feel greasy all day.  Not so much fun.  The cool thing is that Brian mentioned last night that he'd noticed something.  Brian is not quite as oblivious as most guys when it comes to a girl's appearance, but he's still a guy...so it was nice to see that he could tell a difference.

It's part of this whole kick I'm on, to take better care of myself.  Too many episodes of House combined not fitting well in cute clothes combined with one scary ER visit have jump-started my 'motivation.'  It's time to take charge, and eat better, dress better, do some skincare preventative maintenance, and MOVE more.

Even Flylady's on board - the new habit for June is to drink enough water.  My goal is about 64 oz a day minimum.  I'll try to drink that much while I'm at work, and then anything else I have while at home is a bonus.  I hear it's good for just about EVERYTHING - skin, weight loss, energy...magic elixir!

How conscious are you about how much water you drink?  Did you ever set out to drink a set amount or reach a threshold every day?  If so, how did it affect you?

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