book crossing

One of the intriguing things that the Internet has spawned is BookCrossing.com. You know them, right? I'm only mildly acquainted. I released one book into the wild, once, and I'm thinking about sending more along - either through a controlled release (giving it to someone specific) or by releasing into the wild - leaving books on their own at various sites.

The local scene doesn't seem to have too many book crossers, but it could be fun. I think Richmond is quirky enough to get into something like this. Then again, most of the people who are giving away books probably already have their favorite charity or charities to donate to.

While I lounge in limbo-land, what I've decided to do is register all my books on PaperBackSwap with a BookCrossing ID, in hopes that maybe garnering some new journal entries.  I just started with the PBS so we'll see what happens in that arena.  

Either way, these are two really great ideas that you should check out, if you're interested in reading and sharing.  I would LOVE it if there were more BCs going on in Richmond.

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