today i feel like

When I was in Leichtenstein on part of the American Music Abroad tour, we had about an hour and a half to eat and do any shopping/sight seeing. Which was fine, because there wasn't much to see or do where they dropped us off, anyway. I was bound and determined to bring back a souvenir of every country I visited on that trip - and I'm happy to say that I still have most of these little items. My choice from Leichtenstein?

Certainly not an understanding of how to spell the country's name... We tootled around in a gift shop. I found a t-shirt with an amusingly bad translation of an English phrase and American (I think) concept. You know those little 'emotion' charts with all different emotions listed, and each one has a funny face to go with it? This t-shirt was like that, except it had cows for faces, and across the top it said TODAY I FEEL LIKE:

SO, on any given day while wearing this shirt, I could 'feel like' happy, sad, sleepy, in love, angry, and/or a couple other things.

Special note - the 'sleepy' one looked either drunk or hungover, and it had bubbles. Not sure about you, but for me, bubbles are not a part of being sleepy.


  1. Um, the bubbles are totally relevant for you. You drool like a st. bernard in your sleep.


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