tank the tank

I'm excited! Today we are getting back in the saddle, and transporting a dog from shelter to rescue. In other words, we're taking a dog from a shelter where it very well might be put down, and taking it to a group of people who will care for him and find him a permanent home - a 'forever home' as they're called.

Some of the transports I've done in the past couple years include an older chihuahua, a momma boxer mix and her million little puppies, a family of cattle dogs (a mom, an aunt, and 4 or 5 wiggly rascally puppies), and a pair of spaniels. There are others in the mix too, whose names I don't remember.

Today we'll be transporting a Great Pyrenees. His name is Tank.
And he weighs nearly 100lbs. He sure looks like a cutie, though. An enormous hairy cutie.

I'm not sure how to prepare my vehicle for such a monstrous dog.
We'll lay down the back seats, spread out a blanket...and hope he sleeps, I guess. Cus if he's pacing or drooling or barking.... that's a lotta dog to handle. And as he'll be coming from a shelter, he probably will smell very bad.


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  1. Oh his face is so cute!! I hope he finds his owner soon. Yay for saving doggies!


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