today i'm thankful for

1. The new abundance of farmers markets in Richmond. Love it. New knitted market bag to prove it.

2. Yarn swaps. I have something I don't want...I can trade it with someone who wants it, and get something I DO want in return. My latest trade was some lofty alpaca yarn that I sent away in exchange for some "2nd Time Cotton" - spun from cotton scraps from the 'fashion industry.' What a cool yarn. See 'new knitted market bag' above.

3. Unfinished objects. Really, they drive me crazy, but after having a knitting project sitting in the 'finish me' pile for years while smaller or more important projects butt in at the front of the line, it feels soooooo good to pick it up and knit on it some more, dreaming of when it might be finished. This also works well because I tend to put projects down when they're somewhere between 50 and 75% done, so finishing them is a lot less daunting than starting them.

4. My watermelon plant. It's silly, I know, but this was given to me by a really nice gentleman at the church where Brian was serving last year, and I didn't think I'd be able to keep it alive but I think it's actually THRIVING and it reminds me every day of Sammy Kirby and how great he is.

5. (Almost) always having enough. We've had to scrape by from time to time, but over the years we have managed to accumulate a lot of good-quality things that, now that we can't afford them anymore, really make our lives easier. Good electronics; enough clothes to keep from having to wear the same outfits every week; comfortable 'classic' shoes that, while not particularly trendy, won't ever be unacceptably unfashionable; for me, a good set of circular needles. Every day I'm amazed that I own almost everything that I could need, or even 'need.' Still on the hunt for a black pencil skirt and some black dress shoes and 'the perfect white shirt'...and now, a cocktail dress...but once those are found, I'll be set for a long long time. When I get really down, Brian reminds me not to worry, that God will provide just like he always has. And he's right.

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