Five things I'm thankful for, today:

1. The water cooler at work. I can get in my daily recommended dosage of water while at work, I feel better, I get to see my coworkers more because I'm ALWAYS having to go to the bathroom, and it doesn't even cost me a dime.

2. RVABlogs. Seriously. I don't have nearly the force of opinions that many of our bloggers do, but I love reading about all the different opinions and happenings in our great city. It's a shame that I am totally NOT into foodie blogs, though, because there are good ones here.

3. Richmond Habitat ReStore. Seriously, this place is awesome. They have all kinds of great stuff at a discount, it's wonderful. Especially for me, who can only handle small projects. Imagine anything you'd need to do just about anything for/around/in your house. Chances are, they have it. Paint, tiles, wood, casters, landscaping bricks, furniture, washers/dryers, cabinets, everything. All of it is donated, and all of it goes to a great cause. And I can shop there guilt-free, knowing that I'll probably be able to get a half can of paint or stain when really that's all I'll need - and not have to deal with leftovers. I plan on visiting there this week to pick up the wood and hardware (and maybe stain!) to build a home-made yarn swift. Lord knows I don't have 70 extra dollars sitting around to buy one!

4. My car. It's a 2001 Toyota Highlander and I've had it since it was new. My mom gave it to me as a gift (high school graduation/turning 18). She also covered some of the maintenance while I was in college. It's held up well these 7 years/100,000 miles, and I'm hoping I can keep it going for many more. Seriously, no complaints.

5. The Petite Pet Inn and Spa. Eli and I went there for a doggie luau and it was great to introduce him to a social life. I think he made some good steps toward being less afraid of the world there and I hope to be able to go back from time to time. Now if only I could find my own social life!!

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