the many uses of baby powder

In my never-ending quests to 1. improve my life and 2. spend less money doing so, I've done a modicum of research on various topics pertaining to simplifying.  If, for example, I can get the majority of my cleaning done with harmless baking soda, vinegar, and/or lemon juice, then I will gladly pass by a closet full of random harmful chemicals that will ultimately end up in the ground/water/ozone layer.

Most recently, I have been wanting to invade my bathroom cabinet and put the baby powder to use.  Because let's face it, I have way too much.  Which brings me to.....

A bunch of new ways to use baby powder.  I don't know about you, but I'm stoked.

Disclaimer: There are a few different kinds of baby powder.  Use TALCUM powder at your discretion, as there are some that can be harmful.  Just google 'baby powder' and decide for yourself which kind you want.  And if you just want to use up what you've got now, try not to breathe it in.  Because, surprise, the talc MAY be linked to cancer.  Just like everything else.  

The list!

- Sprinkle baby powder on your squeaky hardwood floors.  Take a buffing cloth or a broom or brush or what have you, and get it in the cracks really well.  If you have a sweet 50s ranch like I do, you have some squeaky floors.  And if these bother you, here's an awesome solution.

- If you get a liquid or grease stain on your clothing, a wall, a carpet, etc, rub in some baby powder - about enough to cover it.  Rub it in really well, let it set in for a couple minutes, and brush it away.  Keep doing this until it's gone.  I haven't tried this yet, but I've got an old grease stain on a suede skirt and I've also read that this method works on such things.  I'll report back!

- Put a small bowl or dish of baby powder in your closets or drawers to keep the must away.  You'll also smell 'powdery fresh' for the rest of the day.  You can also drop a little bit of powder in your sneakers (or your husband's!!)  I will be doing both of these just as soon as I finish this entry.  

- Sprinkle a light coat of baby powder between your bed sheets every day to absorb perspiration and prevent odor.  Ok, maybe the odor was a little much...ick... but it sure has been awfully hot and sticky the past couple of nights, thank-you-very-much-high-of-102-every-day-this-week.

- Sprinkle baby powder on your carpets, let it sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum it up.  This works just as well as the expensive stuff that my mom liked to use before she got all hardwoods, but it doesn't cost nearly as much.  Rumor has it, this will also help remove cigarette smoke smells.

- Rub some powder (about the size of a quarter maybe) loosely all over your hands to help the rubber gloves slide on faster.  Maybe I'm the only person on Earth who still uses these...but still.  And when you pull them off, rub the rest of the powder into your hands.  It acts just like hand lotion!

- Rub a little bit of powder on a necklace (or glop of necklaces) that's all knotted up.  The powder acts as a lubricant and it's much easier to work the knot loose.  (Another tip, use a couple of needles to work it loose.)

- If you're at the beach, rub baby powder on all the places where wet sand is sticking.  The powder dries your skin and the sand comes right off.

- Freshen up musty old books.  Dust some powder in the pages, let the books stand up (like you'd stand them on a shelf) overnight and then brush (or shake of you're reckless) the powder out.  Same goes for playing cards - toss them into a baggie and add some powder...shakey shakey, and bam!  You've got some (dusty) fresh playing cards!  Clean up the mess with a couple of good shuffles.

- Insect repellant!!  Sprinkle baby powder in the places where the ants and roaches like to enter and roam.  Sprinkle it with a heavy hand all around the outside of your house to keep them away.  Something about the talcum that the buggies don't like.  Another thing you can try is this amazing stuff called diatomaceous earth.  That's the only thing that kept our ants and earwigs at bay.

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