about that book thing

Ok, so, maybe I'm a couple days late with that update that I promised last Saturday, but whatever.  Updating now.  

I tried finishing off the Feast of Love, but I couldn't really get into it, so I'm shelving it.  I finished North Haven in a couple of days, no surprise there.  PS, very cute, the end made me cry (in a good way) and all that. 

I'm now working my way through the next book on the syllabus, called the Monk Upstairs, by Tim Farrington.  Apparently this is a sequel, but I haven't read the first book.  

I'm really liking it so far, because it some ways it reminds me a little bit of Brian and me.  I'm not a lapsed Catholic and he is far from monkish, but when it comes to our spirituality, he (being a Presbyterian) is much more contemplative than I (being a recovering evangelical) am.  

One of the things I am enjoying learning about the Presbyterian way of doing things is the way that every move is carefully considered, and there is a heavy theological emphasis on discerning God's will, and taking as much time as is needed to do so.  When 'the Presbyterian thing' is done the right way, it's really remarkable and very admirable.  There aren't many places in today's hustle and bustle that emphasize such careful consideration.  

(Then again, sometimes there aren't many places more prone to stifling change and growth.  It's all about using tools the right way.)

So, all that to say, I'm liking the book so far.  Farrington's writing style is right up my alley (sparse, insightful, and full of simile and metaphor) and I sometimes feel as though I'm peering at extreme versions of my husband and me.  So, beyond enjoying the story and the writing, I'm liking the personal connection I feel.

Have you ever read a book that instantly reminded of you, or a version of yourself or your life?  What did you hope to learn?  What did you end up learning?


  1. Recovering evangelical? What is that?

  2. It means that I no longer consider myself a evangelical and I don't want to be labeled as one, either.


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