hawaii review, part the 2

One morning we took a catamaran ride for a couple of hours. Being Irish and naturally pale as a ghost, I was sure to layer on much sunscreen. Problem was, I forgot to do my chest, and I was wearing a halter-top with a bit of a dip in the front. Two hours out on the open seas later, and I'll be seeing the outline until next February, at least. Oops.

BUT, another adventure paid off with a much longer lasting (and less painful) result. On one of our last days in Hawaii, I ended up finding 3 pink pearls, one of which was pretty big.

Caveat: I 'found' them at a jewelry counter, as part of a sales pitch. But still!!

So how it happened was, we were at Hilo Hattie's to check out all the hype, and I mentioned to Brian that you can buy an oyster, open it up and see if it has a pearl. I told him it was pretty hit-or-miss, that I'd done it once when I was younger but mine was empty. I spotted the bowls with the oysters and I was pointing at him, when one of the salesladies told us to pick a key and see if it would unlock this big trunk. So we each picked one; Brian's di
dn't work, but mine did. I opened the trunk and pulled out...a coupon for 40% off one oyster. What the hay, we figured. I have not-so-much-good luck so I didn't think it would turn up anything.

But, I ended up with this giant pink pearl. We decided to look at some ring settings because I already have too many necklaces as it is, and I picked out the cheapest one I could find that was big enough for the pearl. Pretty sweet! Brian said something like, 'there it is, your big honeymoon souvenir.'

The saleslady heard the honeymoon part, got all excited and said that since it was our honeymoon, she would give us another oyster. We went over to the register to see her mount the pearl on the ring setting, and she came back to the counter with another oyster. (HELLO PLOY) We went for it anyway, knowing we would absolutely not be buying anything else so what's the harm in getting another free pearl?

Only, there were TWO inside this oyster. And also pink. Imagine that.

So she drilled holes in them to be mounted later, and Brian and I got googly-eyed over making them into something special later to give to some offspring or other, with the cute honeymoon story attached.

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