a big first

I was wading through the 7 (seven!) voicemails left during our honeymoon, and I came across a fabulous surprise.  

I, ladies and gentleman, have received my very first recorded phonecall from a politician.

That's right, Sen. John McCain called my house and left me a message.  Actually, it could be that he left Brian a message, but I will pretend it was me, and be very happy.

I've been aware for years now that it's customary for politicians to mass-call folks, but I never received one of these calls myself.  Until this grand, momentous occassion when Sen. McCain personally invited me to watch the RNC.

Ok, so it's not really a big deal, and and I don't plan on tuning into the RNC much if at all, and I don't actually remember registering as a Republican when I registered to vote anyway, but still.  I feel like a real adult now.

Now could somebody please explain to me why the "unbiased" media covered a Category 2 hurricane in lieu of the RNC?

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