the necklace post

You know how sometimes one tiny simple little change can make a world of difference?

One of the things I inherited from my mom is an affinity for jewelry.  I also inherited her tendency to wear only a few different pieces, despite really really liking just about everything in the jewelry box.

I am a major culprit of 'out of sight, out of mind' -ism and I've been spending some months at home and at work coming up with solutions to help me NOT forget about things.  So as such, my jewelry box, which basically would hide my stuff from me, was not being my friend.

Sometime back when it was cold, I decided I wanted to get a necklace stand to display all my cool metallic stuffs.  I ended up finding this sweet wall-mounted one on etsy, handmade from copper wires.  It's awesome; I just wish that I'd ordered the bigger one!  As it is, it's nearly reached capacity with only about 2/3 of my collection.  The stuff that needs repair, needs cleaning, or is (now) ugly still sits in the box, to be resurrected someday maybe.

And you know how everyone says that you should make an effort, every day, to do some self-care?  Well, for me, I decided that I'd like to look nicer.  I'm not really a great dresser, I would rather sleep than get up early to style my hair, and putting together an entire, complete ensemble has always been a challenge for me.  Just ask my high school friends.

(On second thought, don't.)

But in this whole weird intertwined self-helpy developmental PROCESS I've been going through lately, I began to want to know how to look better -- along with learning how to make my house look better, and finding ways to get my stuff done more reliably and more efficiently.  You know, learning how to get my act together on all fronts.  Self respect, self care, blah  blah.

Enter this one tool, and poof.  Big difference in my appearance AND my psyche.

Celebrate the small stuff, people.  There's way more of the small stuff.

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