hawaii review, part the 1

Well well well. We got back from our honeymoon more than 2 weeks ago and you still don't know much about it.

I've never been a big fan of huge brain-dump reviews of vacations that I didn't take, so I won't be taking part in that practice, but I would very much like to point out a few of the things that I think are generally more interesting than a rehashing of an entire itinerary. Consider this the first of a few installments.


We stayed at one of the Wyndham hotels in Waikiki. It was a great location, once we were able to find it! Let's just say, I think I am better in the navigation role than Brian is, when running on no sleep and trying to navigate an entirely new place. I think this probably has something to do with my being more accustomed to travel, reservations, and knowing that most resorts include directions in their confirmation letter... HE's definitely better at the actual driving part, though. It was an adjustment for me to be the driver, we'll say that.

Our room (suite!) was great. One of the funny things about it was the built-in friends it provided. It was humid but not necessarily hot, so we didn't bother with the A/C and just left the balcony doors open the whole time. As such, we were greeted most mornings by two pigeons looking for (demanding!) their breakfast. As in, they would land on the balcony, start making noise, come INTO the suite, make more noise, and then we would give them some bread. They would eat, hang out a little bit, and then make their way to their next balcony. Some people would think this is gross...I found it hilarious and I was quick to oblige.

NOTE: The last full morning, we slept in a lot longer than we usually did and I was actually awoken by the birds and their demands. Confusing at first, but then funny.
Speaking of mornings - I'm not sure exactly why this is, but there isn't really a sunrise in Waikiki. The sky just goes from black to grey to blue, and then it's day. It's like God is turning up the dimmer switch on the island. The sunsets, however, are fantastic.

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