quick freebies roundup

We had a steady trickle of freebies to hit the inbox this week.  Onward!

I'll go by category today, because I'm feeling the organization vibe today.


One L, which is a true story of one particular first year at Harvard Law, courtesy of the free table at the school.
Campbell's Creative Cooking with Soup, also courtesy of the free table.

Things that go in the bathroom:

More Kotex samples
A whole roll of Scott toilet paper!  The extra-soft factor will make Brian very happy.  He's a little picky about the TP duds.

Money and related things:

Two checks, for $3 each, for completing surveys.  It's not major money, but it's regular, and it usually covers my PBS habit.
The big 2008 Consumer Action Handbook, AND brochures about savings and investments, and general citizen information, courtesy of the US Government.  That means courtesy of me, and maybe you.  Cheers!  I haven't really poked through these yet, but the handbook already looks pretty interesting; it seems to be all about being a savvy consumer across the board.  

If any of the government stuff interests, you go here and here to see what else might tickle your fancy.

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  1. what surveys do you do? i've tried to find surveys where you get paid to do them but they always involve you purchasing some offer or something like that.


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