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I am tired, people.  Very tired.  It's been a short week, yes, but even short weeks can be loooong when you've got Teh Jet Lags.  Throw in some big new stuff at work on top of playing catch up on top of a couple important projects exploding, not to mention a living room full of semi-unpacked luggage (STILL) and you've got...me.

In light of all the recent tiredness and crankiness and uninspiredness, I have elected to post yet another meme.  The "hey, wouldn't it be funny to google '[your name] needs' and see what pops up?' meme, to be exact.

Real entries are coming soon, I plomise.

We'll see if any 'Ashley needs sleep's pop up.  Without further adieu, I bring you the Ashley Needs meme, infused with my own speI
Ashley needs to keep wearing stuff like this (guess which celebrity?)
Ashley needs an escape (i think part of the problem is that i just had one)
Ashley needs help: my intuition is that something traumatic happened to Ashley 
Ashley needs surgery on her leg after being attacked by Jillian (WWE is so klassy)
Ashley needs a singer (eh)
Ashley needs a prayer (maybe)
Ashley needs a hero (got one)
Ashley needs baby formula (no thanks)
Ashley needs time off (perhaps another long weekend?)
Ashley needs you like water in her lungs (i wonder what this would apply to...)
Ashley needs more support
Ashley needs a sister (not at this point in my life)
Ashley needs a home that is well-structured and able to provide the special care that she needs (YES!  PLEASE!)
Ashley needs to get something off her chest (you may be interested to know that this is a collegiate newspaper column about boob size.  and while i can relate to the author, the article itself pretty much sucks.)

and finally (and this one made me laugh out loud, even tho i'm not a boy)

Ashley needs money, but his manager thinks being part of a boy band tour is a bad career moove.

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