when bad dreams come to life

I woke up pretty early this morning to a serious bad dream.  In my dream, I was coming home from work and I noticed that something was wrong with the front door to the house.  The storm door had been torn off its hinges, and the door frame was splintered where the deadbolt crossed.  The door itself was gaping open.

At first I was filled with dread.  Oh great, we've been robbed.  I was pulling out my phone to call the cops, when I remembered that Brian had Eli were in the house when I'd left a few hours earlier - and now, there was no sign of them.  THAT is when the panic kicked in.  By then, I'd found the phone and I'd dialed 911.  I ran up the steps, knowing (this being a dream and all) that I'd find my husband and my dog, both in bad shape.  Brian was unconscious but breathing and looked like he'd been in a fight; Eli was awake, laying on his side, and his back leg was bleeding a lot.  

I don't know what upset me more - Brian being out of it but not badly injured, or Eli being conscious, in terrible pain, and not knowing whether he would make it or not or even how to try to help him.  

The very worst part was knowing that I couldn't go to the hospital and to the vet at the same time.

Do cops take animals to get care when this kind of situation arises?  What happens?

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  1. People still come through, even for someone they don't know. From what I've seen, someone nearly always steps up - either a neighbor (familiar or not) takes the dog, or one of the emergency responders figures out a way to get the animal in.


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