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To continue my 43 things that actually number 33 (yes, it was 34 last week but I deleted one) we have Things 6-10, also in no particular order:

6. Become ambidextrous - I don't think Brian would have married me if I didn't have the deep desire to become ambidextrous.  As it is, I think I'm pretty good with using both hands pretty well at a lot of things.  I bat left-handed and I knit left-handed, so that's a good start. 

7. Sleep well - I am often plagued with bad sleep.  I don't know what the problem is.  Sometimes it's back pain, but now that that's mostly taken care of, I've begun tossing and turning most nights and waking up in knots.  I don't know how to get this one 'done' yet.  It will probably be on the list a long time.  sad day! 

8. Write a Letter to the Editor - Despite my journalism training at one of the top journalism schools, I have never written a letter to the editor.  I find this to be a source of shame. I DID, however, write a letter to President Bush I when I was young, asking him to please save the spotted owls. 

9. Move to Ireland - This is a real goal of mine (and fortunately, of Brian's as well).  And I'm pretty sure it will happen at some point.  We both have a heart for the country and we want to be involved in the next phase of its healing.  Right now contracts and responsibilities are keeping us here, but in a couple of years we might be freed up to go finally.  I actually almost decided to go to Ireland as an Au Pair, but I had a dog and couldn't find any programs that would let me take him.  Oh Eli, thwarting my life goals!! 

10. Be on the radio - I've had an interest in radio for as long as I can remember.  There are many days during which I think, 'I would REALLY like to be a radio personality.'  There are a few problems with this plan, however: people don't get my jokes, and I don't have a good voice.  So, I'll just settle for being on the radio someday, just once.

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