I did it again. I was sitting there, lounging on the couch with a trashy makeover show blaring on the tv, perfectly content after a delightful meal of my favorite cheap delivery pizza. Brian was at the library doing some school work. It was just me, the leftover pizza, and Dr. Rey.

I kept noticing the box. But why? I wasn't hungry. In fact, I was fully sated and pretty content not to move. But I grabbed another one anyway.

Why did I do it? I didn't really want it. I certainly didn't need it. I knew that if I ate it, I wouldn't have any left for lunch after Brian had his share. And yet, up went the lid and in went my hand. Down the hatch.

I regretted it immediately - before even finishing it. The gross feeling, not to mention the lethargy. I will probably regret it all day tomorrow, too.

I know I'm not the only one who deals with overeating. Why is this such a big problem for so many folks? I know I eat when I'm stressed out - and I can't eat when I'm extremely stressed out. But the question bothers me. Why.

I don't like not knowing what's going on in my own head. Is it distraction? Is it hopelessness (I'll never drop these 25lbs, why bother try)? Is there some sort of weird self-sabotage at work? Am I trying to hide from something - being happy, maybe? I'm sure that's the answer any life coach or wannabe would give. Is there any truth to the cliche?

Why do YOU overeat?

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