great things on craigslist RIGHT NOW

Mayline Cabinet - if my house wasn't already crammed with furniture, I would be acquiring this without a second thought. I might still try to figure out how to squeeze it in...

Mailbox/letter holder - for the 'shabby chic' enthusiast who needs a little more organization.

White-framed oval mirror - there is SO MUCH you could do with this thing.

Atomic bar on wheels - who doesn't love midcentury oddities? Seriously. How fantastic is this thing?

Awesome solid wood bookshelf - another thing I would love to cram into my house...

Amazing antique trunk - don't you wish you were this type of person?

Extreme cold weather sleeping bag - Brian's been talking about camping and hiking this summer. Maybe I shouldn't post this one...

Sa-weet cash resgister. No, seriously, look at it.

And for the happy housewife in all of us... a dyson vacuum.

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